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Attention Employers with Team Workers Residing in Tijuana

Because of our proximity to the border a great deal of employees are residing in Tijuana and coming to work every day to San Diego County. Many of these employees have a legal permanent resident card (known as “Green Card”). This permit allows employees to work in the US but also requires them to reside in the US. People in this situation are not in compliance with US law and can face repercussions, such as inadmissibility into the US.

Fortunately, there is a Commuter Program that allows people to work in the US and reside in Mexico. This program will allow your employees to abide by the law and be eligible for trusted traveler programs, such as SENTRI and Global Entry. It can be a huge productivity boost for your companies because employees would see a dramatic reduction in wait times when crossing the border in addition to more predictable wait times, therefore decreasing tardiness to work, not to mention a significant increase in quality of life for workers.

Check out these presentations by the Smart Border Coalition that outline the key benefits and potential disadvantages of the Commuter Program. If you are interested in a detailed presentation about this to your employees, please email our Executive Director, Gustavo De La Fuente at