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One People, One Region, One Economy

Executive Comitee
The SBC Executive Committee sets policy for the Coalition to help achieve its goal of efficient, seamless border crossings.

Working Comitee
The SBC Working Committee brings together the public sectors entities from municipal, regional, state and federal governments to help devise and execute plans to increase border efficiency.

Technology and academy Comitee
The SBC Academic and Technology Committee brings together regional research and innovation leaders to develop innovative technological solutions to border crossings that reflect the seamless nature of the San Diego-Tijuana region.

Our Team

SBC Board Of Directors

  • Eduardo Acosta | R.L. Jones
  • Raymundo Arnaiz | Grupo ARNAIZ
  • Lorenzo Berho | Vesta Real Estate
  • Malin Burnham | Cushman & Wakefield
  • Frank Carrillo | SIMNSA Health Care
  • Rafael Carrillo | Grupo ATISA
  • Salomon Cohen | Grupo EDASCO
  • Alberto Coppel
  • Jose Fimbres | CALIMAX Supermercados
  • Gustavo de la Fuente | Smart Border Coalition
  • Jose Galicot | Tijuana Innovadora
  • Ted Gildred III | Loma Santa Fe Group
  • Fidel Gutierrez-Cetto | G-Global
  • Dave Hester | Kyocera
  • Russ Jones | RL Jones Customhouse Brokers
  • Mohammad Karbasi | Solar Turbines - Caterpillar
  • Dr. Pradeep Khosla | University of California San Diego
  • Pablo Koziner | Solar Turbines - Caterpillar
  • Jorge Kuri
  • Elias Laniado | Vesta Real Estate
  • Jose Larroque | El Florido - Baker & McKenzie
  • Jeff Light | San Diego Union Tribune
  • Gaston Luken Aguilar
  • Matt Newsome | Cubic Corporation
  • JC Thomas | Sempra Global
  • Mary Walshok | University of California San Diego
  • Steve Williams | Sentre Partners

Honorary Members

  • Juan Manuel Gastelum | Mayor of Tijuana
  • James Clark | Smart Border Coalition
  • Marcela Celorio Mancera | Consul General of Mexico
  • Greg Cox | San Diego County
  • Kevin L. Faulconer | Mayor of San Diego
  • William Ostick | Consul General of the United States

The San Diego
Tijuana Region

The 4.7 million residents of the Tijuana - San Diego binational mega region are, in fact, neighbors connected not just by economics, social ties, and culture, but also geographically by the San Ysidro and Otay Mesa border crossings - the most crossed international border in the world.

The Tijuana - San Diego region gives globally-minded companies a unique opportunity to compete by combining the many strengths of one of the world's largest and most technologically-advanced binational economies. A region that gives companies an offshore competitive advantage while staying nearshore, and on the West Coast of North America

NAFTA Agreement
Mexico has preferential trade agreements (NAFTA), giving companies preferred access to global markets in the US, Canada, Europe, Israel, Japan and most of South and Central America

Tijuana | San Diego
Location, location, location!
Located next to San Diego, manufacturers can get their products into the US market in 2-4 hours, and to major consumer markets in 1-5 days

Skilled workforce in Tijuana
A Skilled Workforce
Tijuana's workforce of nearly 640,000 workers understand quality and global manufacturing requirements - and many are bilingual in English and other languages

Tijuana | San Diego
A Metropolis
A seamless region of 4.7 million, both Tijuana and San Diego form a metropolis that share social, economic and cultural ties